Thursday, January 14, 2010

More About Hearts For Haiti

While I will still privately honor my plans for my shop, a larger effort has begun on Etsy! A new shop will be opening ( ) that will contain donated items for sale with 100% of the profits being sent along to (at this time, it looks like Doctors Without Borders). I am so thrilled that Etsians are rallying to help! I will donate some of my own items and strongly encourage anyone reading this to go send even $5 to today because the need is urgent. Medical needs are the highest priority still.

And please add to your favorites list so you can start supporting Etsyians helping Haiti when the shop is stocked!

(This is not my shop - - I will just have some items in it and suggested the name)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My "Hearts For Haiti" Program

I am so saddened about the devastation in Haiti due to the hurricane that I feel compelled to start a "Hearts For Haiti" program to try to help the situation. With Valentine's Day fast approaching, many people like to give each other cute small "heart" gifts to show they care; "Hearts For Haiti" will let people buy traditional hearts to give as gifts *BUT* the reach will be far greater than just to their Valentine.

For this Valentine's Day, anyone who buys a "heart" item through, their gift will count twofold because not only will they have a nice gift for their favorite Valentine but 50%of the profit from that item will be donated to help with Haiti Relief programs. Doctors Without Borders (MSF) is a front-line response charity that provides medical care, water treatment and nutritional care and they are already located in Haiti (although reports are that their 3 buildings are down/ unusable but the staff is staying to treat victims). I think this is the *first* charity we should help (bleeding people take priority) and after 5 days, I plan to switch the focus of my "Hearts For Haiti" program to The American Red Cross to help with the aftermath (the bleeding and surgeries should have stopped by then, so food, clothes, water, gas will take priority then). I'll run this promotion through February 14th so please buy something with a heart on it from my shop (find the items here ). Or skip my shop and donate directly to either cause ( and ) because Haiti needs our help, one way or the other.
Have a Heart: Help Haiti.
I'll add pictures of items tomorrow but I want this up now so people can help or start their own "Hearts For Haiti" program tonight. Thank you.