Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New Wine Charms on the Horizon

I like to make wine charms out of animal stone beads, crystals and sterling silver. It makes me happy to know that years from now, MY charms will still be nice while ones made out of plastic and plated metal from Target will be long tossed aside. Considering how a disposable set from the Biggie Stores will cost $20 for maybe a year or two's use, my wine charms made of real gemstones and precious metals aren't all that outrageous at $40-60 (especially since each one can be a pendant by itself and a set of 6 pendants would easily $40-60 if using real stone and Sterling silver).

I have new stone critter beads so I will make new sets this week. Wine charm tags are great for summer get togethers and June Weddings (they are great as Wedding gifts and they might even last longer than the marriage ;) ). They are fully customizable so one can get the colors and shapes one wants at the usual shop price. I love critter beads so if you want a specific animal I haven't listed, let me know (give me an excuse to go buy them for you :) ).

Wine glass charms also can adorn beer bottles or water jars or soda pop containers - - Whatever you and your guests prefer, I can make markers to help keep the drinks straight.

Entertain in style with real gemstone and sterling silver wine charms from designedbylucinda.com


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Spending Your Birthday in the ER. My Birthday, K's Concussion

That was 6 hours of fun....

K is fine, CT shows no funky brain bleeds, he get to stay home tomorrow with me. He sure was loopy there for a few hours: "So, did I hit my head?" 'Why does my head hurt?" "Did I fall then?" "Was I on my waveboard?" "Is today Friday?" "I had a dream that I hit my head." And then 5 minutes later, "So, did I hit my head?" "Why does my head hurt?" "Did I fall then?" "Was I on my waveboard?" "Is today Friday?" "I had a dream that I hit my head. Deja vu". Over and over and over.... He forgot it was my birthday (and everytime he remembered, he cried that he had ruined it, until he forgot it again 3 minutes later). He forgot his friends moved away two months ago and kept asking where they were. When asked what day it was by the Triage Nurse, he answered "January". He cried that he couldn't eat or drink. His head and scraped up arm hurt him.... Poor little duck - - I went back and forth between wanting to cuddle him and wanting to laugh as he asked the same questions over and over for 5 hours. Mr. DBL kept getting angry at him for repeating the questions (it scared him) but I kept trying to remind Mr.DBL it was a trauma and to be kind, it would wear off. Teen was just bored out of his skull....

Mr. DBL is the reason we took K in (I would have watched him at home, I expect "loopy" after a bad headfall and K wasn't nausous, didn't have weird vision and his motor skills were fine, just that damned looping of the same infernal questions). But Mr. DBL was nervous about that politician's wife who died 2 days after skiing into a tree in Europe, so I agreed to take K in to rule out a slow bleed.

So my birthday evening was a bit of a bust but I have one of the best presents to show for it: a sore but reasonably healthy 9 year old with a knot on his head and *only* a knot.

Bet that one is going to cost us more than dinner at the steakhouse though!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mailing List

Until I figure out how to make it easier, send an email to lucinda@designedbylucinda.com to be added to my future mailing list. I won't email you for free shipping offers, only BIG sales or BIG news and not more frequently than every 2 months (ha, I can't imagine even doing two mailings a year LOL!).

Someday I will have that huge bowout sale - - and you might like to know :)

Shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5205542

Why Not Run A Special Sale for People Who See This?

Let's try a 24 hour Sale just for the people who see this post on this blog before May 7 2009 at about 12:30 AM eastern USA time (so really late tomorrow (Wednesday night)). Let's do a 20% Off with Free Worldwide Shipping for *all* items in my shop (excluding Gift certificate) at http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5205542 . I have jewelry, bookmarkers, wine charms, cell charms, even some supplies, using top quality stones and most with valuable sterling silver accents. Just mention BLOG in the notes to the seller or email me or convo me for your discount :)
I like to pair up natural stones with Swarovski Crystals (Nature, meet Bling) so many of my pieces feature this combination of materials. If I don't like the stone bead, I cull it so don't worry about getting really BAD specimens. I like to try to save money though so not all stones are "perfect" but they scream color, character and quality. If I wouldn't wear it, I won't sell it because quality stones are the cornerstone of my Business :) I have ALL stones so take a look for your favorite!
If you like neat stones strung into jewelry, bookmarks, wine charms or ??? come use this time to get an item (or more) for 20% off with FREE Worldwide shipping! Just mention "BLOG" in notes to the seller and I will either send you an invoice at the SALE rate or refund any overage you might have paid via Paypal.
Thanks for reading!