Friday, December 18, 2009

Busy is GOOD! Keep the sales coming!

My eyeglass chain necklaces are flying out the door and I love it! I picked up a rush custom 9 item job by accident yesterday and got it out in under 24 hours (I don't think I could handle that every day, especially in a sleet storm). And I managed to order some games for the kids so they will have a happy Christmas :) (Eyeglass chains available at

I am now suggesting to everyone they spend the extra $2 to go for Priority Mail to make sure their widgets get there by Christmas (link ); USPS says packages in the system by Monday will get there by Friday so all I can do is repeat what they say and remind my clients it is USPS's guarantee, not mine (once it leaves my hands, I can't do anything to get it there faster).

My 25% off sale has ended. I am now juggling phone calls to UPS and FedEx to find the best way to guarantee delivery by Christmas. There is still time to shop (I believe! I believe!) but if I were you, I'd make my purchases with Priority mail through Monday afternoon because it might get there a bit quicker...

I sold 7 Custom Order variations of this today (woo hoo!) More available!

Gift Certificates are available in $15, $20, $25, $50, $75 and $100 denominations (or any other Custom amount) here and these can get sent as late as the 25th for all of us procrastinators out here as last minute gifts!

I really love the Holiday shopping season! Happy Hannukah, Joyous Yule, Festive Solstice, Grand Festivus, Happy Kwanza, Eid, Season's Greetings and Happy New Year to you all!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Two day deal for my shop; 25% off SALE

Get 25% off my prices for anything you buy in my shop through this exclusive blog sale. Type BLOG in the notes to seller and wait for revised invoice. Spend more than $30 and get free upgraded shipping (USA) to Priority Mail so you can get it by Christmas.

Busy with sales here but I want to say THANK YOU to my readers so go order and get a discount with upgraded shipping to boot :)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

What if your online shop gets a negative review on a blog? What would you DO? Say? React? Template here....

Lets say you are the subject of a critical blog review and you feel VERY upset and want to clear the air and get your facts OUT THERE. Tread very carefully, fellow sellers. Get in and out as cleanly as you can and then DO NOT GO BACK TO READ until at least a week has passed...


"I am very sorry to read (you didn't like my widget, I posted something not Etsy legal, my packaging you felt was sub-par, my item smelled of Fabreze/smoke/cats/butterscotch). I try to run a good shop but this must have slipped my attention (YES, YOU ROLL - - NO MATTER WHAT, YOU ADMIT SOME CULPABILITY THERE EVEN IF YOU WANT TO KNEECAP THE BLOGGER. IF you have factual refutation, briefly mention it ("the 75 negatives came from one buyer, but I should have been quicker at anticipating it")). {GET OUT}

Thank you for bringing this to my attention and I will strive to be better in the future.


And then LEAVE. Do not read more, do not feel the need to reply again, do not let yourself get into a quasi public exchange about 'He said She said' - - you drop and roll and divert a fire from taking out your shop and your rep.

Unfair and ulcer inducing? Yes, but way better to drop and roll than to tuck and cover and have 500 replies on a blog talking about how bad your shop is. DAMAGE CONTROL means minimizing the damage - - and your ego will survive it as soon as it drops OFF that top page so don't breathe new life into it :) Let it die a quick death - - always.

(Came loosely from an email. I help people with Customer Service Situations and Seller Replies To Icky Situations so I get these every once in a while)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

And the WINNER IS!!!!!!

First, my apologies for not getting this up sooner but things were a bit wonky today at Chez DBL in my personal life :) It sort of threw me off whack for a good almost day - - Sorry!

But I did get DBL teen to draw the paper from the hat and it was (drumroll) AIK with her two entries in the hat! I guess that extra entry tipped the probabilty scales into her favor (can't go much beyond that because Math was never a strongpoint here). So AIK, I will try to contact you and if you see this before then, just let me know which item you would like as your Giveaway Gift :)

Thank you to the others who entered, I will do this again soon. Please join my mailing list so I can let you know about any new Promo offers in case you don't see it on this blog :) (email me at and type "Add to List" in the title).

Thanks all for participating!!!!

Oh, and new listing sold in 6 hours - - should I make more?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I like Elephants...

In fact, I like all sorts of critters. I love buying fun stones and beads in the shape of animals and creating wearable art (jewelry) out of them. If I used up every critter bead I currently own, I would be busy for at least two years (okay, I have a bit of a problem buying supplies and if I see really nice Bears, I *have* to own them because they might not be available 4 months from now) I don't think I will face a shortage of animal projects for quite a while... So I am stocked to the gills with stone varieties of Zuni Bears (all colors and sizes), Butterflies (same), Roosters, Pigs, Chickens, Turtles, Horses, Fish, Cats, Birds, Owls, Frogs, Dolphins, Rabbits, Sea Horses, Penguins and Elephants (to name just some of my circus). I get all wide-eyed and bushy-tailed when the supplies come in - - and they are GORGEOUS - - but the reality is that maybe *I* am the only one buying these beads because they don't translate into steady movers as far as sales of finished jewelry go ;) Imagine, *I*, alone, am supporting the entire cottage industry of stone critter beads - - LOL!

Eh, I love them so if they stay 'my pretties' for years, its all good. I am fascinated by the carving of each and every one of them (cut so nicely to bring out the best in each individual stone). I suppose realistically I really don't *NEED* 3 shoeboxes filled with them - - but ya never know when someone is going to custom order an XYZ critter piece in CERTAIN SIZE, SPECIFIC STONE. Better to be prepared than try hunting down a Moukaite Penguin at midnight...

Visit my shop on Etsy to see these and many other animal stone carvings made into jewelry and accessories you don't see everywhere - - - - or tell me what critter types you'd like to see me get on my next supply buying run :)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

GIVEAWAY - - For answering a Question (drawing, one winner) :)

My Etsy shop is getting rather large -- almost 500 items - - and I am wondering if I should split the GLASS ONLY pieces out, or separate the PLATED pieces from the "more valuable" metals, or just LEAVE IT as it is, the more the merrier. This is where I could use some help - - please go check out my shop at and poke around, see what YOU suggest I do.

In return, I will give away any one listed item worth $18 or less to a name chosen at random from those answering my question. You don't have to lock in on the decision NOW of what you want - - or you can apply that $18 toward anything priced higher in my shop - - just answer my question with GLASS ONLY, PLATED or LEAVE IT and a way to contact you and you'll be entered. I'll contact you and THEN you can decide how to spend your credit. I'll run the Give Away until Sept. 23rd 2009 at midnight Eastern USA time and publish the winning name the next day. Please make sure you leave a way to contact you in case you win :) If you don't respond to my contact by (midnight eastern usa time) the 27th, I will choose a new name and you'll miss out so please check back during that interval!

This is open to anyone anywhere (shipping is FREE WORLDWIDE if you win this Giveaway). If you don't win, you can still get 're-imbursed' for your answer with free shipping on your purchase from my shop (just answer the question and type the code "I answered blog" on the invoice for any purchase from now until Oct 1st 2009). Most of my earrings, cell charms, pendants, bookmarks and eyeglass chain holder necklaces are priced under $18 so you will have a HUGE selection!

So please help me out - - I am fast approaching 500 items! EEEEK! And think about what you might hope to get free....

Thanks! And to get EXTRA entries, either BLOG or TWEET or JOIN MY MAILING LIST (send an email to with "List Me" in the title to be added) and you will get another slip in the hat for the drawing - - just show me where you did more than answer the question in your reply to get the extra slip in the hat :)

Let's have some fun with this !

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Yart Sale on Etsy - - Good savings! Go see :)

Yart means Yard Sale + Art Sale and it is happening now on! Many sellers are offering reduced prices (from 10%-50%) and/or Free Shipping through Sunday so it is worthwhile to visit and run a YART search to discover the deals there :)

My shop is offering free shipping Worldwide on anything in my shop - - not the BIGGEST sale but pretty good if you want to grab a few items and save some money - - because shipping costs do mount up! So go see what deals you can score at (and ) and support small artisan owned businesses today :)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New Wine Charms on the Horizon

I like to make wine charms out of animal stone beads, crystals and sterling silver. It makes me happy to know that years from now, MY charms will still be nice while ones made out of plastic and plated metal from Target will be long tossed aside. Considering how a disposable set from the Biggie Stores will cost $20 for maybe a year or two's use, my wine charms made of real gemstones and precious metals aren't all that outrageous at $40-60 (especially since each one can be a pendant by itself and a set of 6 pendants would easily $40-60 if using real stone and Sterling silver).

I have new stone critter beads so I will make new sets this week. Wine charm tags are great for summer get togethers and June Weddings (they are great as Wedding gifts and they might even last longer than the marriage ;) ). They are fully customizable so one can get the colors and shapes one wants at the usual shop price. I love critter beads so if you want a specific animal I haven't listed, let me know (give me an excuse to go buy them for you :) ).

Wine glass charms also can adorn beer bottles or water jars or soda pop containers - - Whatever you and your guests prefer, I can make markers to help keep the drinks straight.

Entertain in style with real gemstone and sterling silver wine charms from

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Spending Your Birthday in the ER. My Birthday, K's Concussion

That was 6 hours of fun....

K is fine, CT shows no funky brain bleeds, he get to stay home tomorrow with me. He sure was loopy there for a few hours: "So, did I hit my head?" 'Why does my head hurt?" "Did I fall then?" "Was I on my waveboard?" "Is today Friday?" "I had a dream that I hit my head." And then 5 minutes later, "So, did I hit my head?" "Why does my head hurt?" "Did I fall then?" "Was I on my waveboard?" "Is today Friday?" "I had a dream that I hit my head. Deja vu". Over and over and over.... He forgot it was my birthday (and everytime he remembered, he cried that he had ruined it, until he forgot it again 3 minutes later). He forgot his friends moved away two months ago and kept asking where they were. When asked what day it was by the Triage Nurse, he answered "January". He cried that he couldn't eat or drink. His head and scraped up arm hurt him.... Poor little duck - - I went back and forth between wanting to cuddle him and wanting to laugh as he asked the same questions over and over for 5 hours. Mr. DBL kept getting angry at him for repeating the questions (it scared him) but I kept trying to remind Mr.DBL it was a trauma and to be kind, it would wear off. Teen was just bored out of his skull....

Mr. DBL is the reason we took K in (I would have watched him at home, I expect "loopy" after a bad headfall and K wasn't nausous, didn't have weird vision and his motor skills were fine, just that damned looping of the same infernal questions). But Mr. DBL was nervous about that politician's wife who died 2 days after skiing into a tree in Europe, so I agreed to take K in to rule out a slow bleed.

So my birthday evening was a bit of a bust but I have one of the best presents to show for it: a sore but reasonably healthy 9 year old with a knot on his head and *only* a knot.

Bet that one is going to cost us more than dinner at the steakhouse though!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mailing List

Until I figure out how to make it easier, send an email to to be added to my future mailing list. I won't email you for free shipping offers, only BIG sales or BIG news and not more frequently than every 2 months (ha, I can't imagine even doing two mailings a year LOL!).

Someday I will have that huge bowout sale - - and you might like to know :)


Why Not Run A Special Sale for People Who See This?

Let's try a 24 hour Sale just for the people who see this post on this blog before May 7 2009 at about 12:30 AM eastern USA time (so really late tomorrow (Wednesday night)). Let's do a 20% Off with Free Worldwide Shipping for *all* items in my shop (excluding Gift certificate) at . I have jewelry, bookmarkers, wine charms, cell charms, even some supplies, using top quality stones and most with valuable sterling silver accents. Just mention BLOG in the notes to the seller or email me or convo me for your discount :)
I like to pair up natural stones with Swarovski Crystals (Nature, meet Bling) so many of my pieces feature this combination of materials. If I don't like the stone bead, I cull it so don't worry about getting really BAD specimens. I like to try to save money though so not all stones are "perfect" but they scream color, character and quality. If I wouldn't wear it, I won't sell it because quality stones are the cornerstone of my Business :) I have ALL stones so take a look for your favorite!
If you like neat stones strung into jewelry, bookmarks, wine charms or ??? come use this time to get an item (or more) for 20% off with FREE Worldwide shipping! Just mention "BLOG" in notes to the seller and I will either send you an invoice at the SALE rate or refund any overage you might have paid via Paypal.
Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Blue Agate Bookmarker Thong

I love agates. They are so versatile and come in so many different colors - - and shapes - - so they are terrific for use in so many Jewelry or Accessory projects. I love the clear in these gorgeous blue discs. They are the perfect size for anchoring a book thong and they get a bit of sparkle from the corrugated Sterling Silver balls on either end. The soft cording won't press into pages and ruin your book while the discs dangle out at either end to dress up your book. This is washable in soapy water if one spills oh, let's say coffee on them. The thong isn't ruined as it can all be washed clean.

I got these stones when my friend Molly of ElizabethJewelry over at Etsy went to Phoenix for the Biggie Gem Show. She saved me the price of airfare and entrance fees (thanks, Molly!) and picked out this gorgeous strand for me. The agates are probably dyed but they are a brilliant blue with light brown veins so who cares :) The length on this one is 10 inches in between the stones (large enough for a hardcover or Bible or small Dictionary) but I can always swap out the size. The price on this is $17.00 and it is available in my Etsy shop

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I feel like my dog :) You woke me up!

I love to write - - don't get me wrong - - but I am entering the blogging world kicking and screaming because somedays I just want to create pretty jewelry and not have to think about what I am putting on the 'net for all to read.

But I want an easy way for people to susbcribe to my soon-to-be created very-infrequently-sent newsletter where I can offer fun deals for my buyers. So as soon as I find the right widget to add to this blog, my newsletter list will start to come to be. And I am fairly certain I can think up fun and relevant musings so your future visits won't be a total bore :) I might actually do some really fun posts...

Into the 21st century I go...