Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Blue Agate Bookmarker Thong

I love agates. They are so versatile and come in so many different colors - - and shapes - - so they are terrific for use in so many Jewelry or Accessory projects. I love the clear in these gorgeous blue discs. They are the perfect size for anchoring a book thong and they get a bit of sparkle from the corrugated Sterling Silver balls on either end. The soft cording won't press into pages and ruin your book while the discs dangle out at either end to dress up your book. This is washable in soapy water if one spills oh, let's say coffee on them. The thong isn't ruined as it can all be washed clean.

I got these stones when my friend Molly of ElizabethJewelry over at Etsy went to Phoenix for the Biggie Gem Show. She saved me the price of airfare and entrance fees (thanks, Molly!) and picked out this gorgeous strand for me. The agates are probably dyed but they are a brilliant blue with light brown veins so who cares :) The length on this one is 10 inches in between the stones (large enough for a hardcover or Bible or small Dictionary) but I can always swap out the size. The price on this is $17.00 and it is available in my Etsy shop

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