Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New Wine Charms on the Horizon

I like to make wine charms out of animal stone beads, crystals and sterling silver. It makes me happy to know that years from now, MY charms will still be nice while ones made out of plastic and plated metal from Target will be long tossed aside. Considering how a disposable set from the Biggie Stores will cost $20 for maybe a year or two's use, my wine charms made of real gemstones and precious metals aren't all that outrageous at $40-60 (especially since each one can be a pendant by itself and a set of 6 pendants would easily $40-60 if using real stone and Sterling silver).

I have new stone critter beads so I will make new sets this week. Wine charm tags are great for summer get togethers and June Weddings (they are great as Wedding gifts and they might even last longer than the marriage ;) ). They are fully customizable so one can get the colors and shapes one wants at the usual shop price. I love critter beads so if you want a specific animal I haven't listed, let me know (give me an excuse to go buy them for you :) ).

Wine glass charms also can adorn beer bottles or water jars or soda pop containers - - Whatever you and your guests prefer, I can make markers to help keep the drinks straight.

Entertain in style with real gemstone and sterling silver wine charms from designedbylucinda.com


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