Thursday, January 14, 2010

More About Hearts For Haiti

While I will still privately honor my plans for my shop, a larger effort has begun on Etsy! A new shop will be opening ( ) that will contain donated items for sale with 100% of the profits being sent along to (at this time, it looks like Doctors Without Borders). I am so thrilled that Etsians are rallying to help! I will donate some of my own items and strongly encourage anyone reading this to go send even $5 to today because the need is urgent. Medical needs are the highest priority still.

And please add to your favorites list so you can start supporting Etsyians helping Haiti when the shop is stocked!

(This is not my shop - - I will just have some items in it and suggested the name)


  1. Awesome! Thanks so much for spreading the word!!

  2. Excellent! I will be donating & shopping once it opens

  3. very admirable! just added your shops to my favorite! pls be sure to check out my work on etsy and blog as well wen u have time! http:www.etsy/cm/shop/DianePIroon